Thursday, October 22, 2015



 The Bell Rooms is a building which dates back to 1908 and is publicly owned and is scheduled for imminent demolition. To be replaced by an additional and unnecessary parking lot for RABA (Redding Area Bus Authority), based on the under use of the existing RABA parking lot. The Bell Rooms building was one of the few significant examples of the way downtown Redding appeared at the turn of the 20th century. Located near Redding's former Chinatown of the late 19th century, and in a district known as the "Red Light" district. It was situated next to the railroad tracks and Shasta Street. Because of this location it placed the building in the middle of much activity associated with commerce and transportation.The building was constructed of red bricks by the Holt and Gregg Company of Anderson. Structurally determined sound, the building is still habitable. With the removal of the garage like structure to the south and the cinder block addition to the east it's historic identity would be revealed. If the building is saved its future use could enhance our community in the form of a private enterprise such as a restaurant or a public space like Old City Hall. If you would like a bit of Redding's fast disappearing historic culture preserved, please contact a Redding City Council person and/or the Shasta Historical Society. The historic Bell Rooms is shown in this circa 1930 photograph of Shasta Street looking east with a sign stating "Bell Rooms". The building is on the opposite side of the tracks on the right side closest to the camera.


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