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Originally, the Bank of Shasta County was established on California Street by Chauncey C. Bush (1831-1907) in 1884. In 1901 a new bank building was built at the corner of Market and Butte Streets in Redding. Bush worked in the bank as a manager. This building was built by the Holt and Gregg Company of Anderson. In 1908 the First Savings Bank was incorporated with the Bank of Shasta County and it was housed in the same building. The bank failed in 1910 due to a large loan worth nearly $200,000 to the Terry Lumber Company and another to the Castle Lake Lumber Company of $100,000. The Bank of Shasta County closed down on Saturday, March, 25, 1911. Then on Saturday, September 2, 1911 the Redding National Bank opened in the same building with the First Savings Bank of Shasta County and banking continued for local Redding residents. Years later, the Bank of Italy, which became Bank of America, purchased the Redding National Bank and branched out. Since that time additional businesses opened inside this building at 1459 Market Street. Historic name of building: brick commercial, common name: commercial. Both photographs below are from 1920.

Shasta Historical Society

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